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Reiki Therapy

Are you in need of Reiki therapy from a service near the Hot Springs, NC vicinity? Did you know that Inner Awakening is a reputable service nearby that you can trust? We serve Hot Springs, Black Mountain, Asheville and all other nearby areas in the state of North Carolina. Investing in your health is a very significant step. You may wish to consult with a therapist that will be quick to offer you the best treatment that is tailored to your needs. When it comes to stress reduction and obtaining a high level of relaxation, you will enjoy getting regular Reiki sessions. Even if it’s your first time seeking help from a trained therapist, you will immediately feel safe being in a comfortable and nurturing environment that you will appreciate. Utilizing the most unique ways to improve your health does not have to be a challenging task. Fortunately, you can rely on highly skilled professionals that specialize in Reiki therapy and making certain that clients obtain the best possible results. 


If you’re in need of body alignment, you will not be disappointed with the outstanding healing sessions offered at Inner Awakening. Our top priority is giving you a safe and effective body alignment that works to your advantage. We’re dedicated to helping you improve your posture while enabling you to live a more comfortable life. We’re very knowledgeable about our range of services and help clients find the excellent healing they desire. Regardless of the problematic areas of your body, we’ll do our best to have your issue fully resolved.


Whether you live in Hot Springs, Black Mountain or in another nearby community, we welcome you to Inner Awakening. Our friendly and respectful therapists are always available to provide you with the right treatment. Get in touch with our therapists today.

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